Construction of Workshed completed in Bishnupur Handloom Cluster

The construction of a new workshed has been completed in a part of Bishnupur as part of the Bishnupur Handloom Cluster project under NHDP. This initiative aims to provide a dedicated space for local weavers to carry out their handloom work and promote the growth of the handloom industry in the region.

The Bishnupur Handloom Cluster under NHDP is a government-led initiative that aims to boost the handloom sector by providing infrastructure support and training to weavers and artisans. The construction of the workshed is a crucial step in creating a conducive environment for the artisans to work efficiently and improve their productivity.

The workshed has been equipped with modern facilities such as ample lighting, ventilation, and ergonomic workstations to ensure the comfort and safety of the weavers. It also has designated areas for dyeing, weaving, and finishing processes, allowing for a streamlined workflow.

By providing a dedicated workshed, the Bishnupur Handloom Cluster project under NHDP aims to address the challenges faced by local weavers, such as inadequate workspace and lack of modern infrastructure. This will not only enhance the productivity of the artisans but also attract more young individuals to take up handloom weaving as a sustainable livelihood option.

The construction of the workshed has been completed and handed over to the local weavers. The government will also provide necessary training and support to the weavers to help them make the most of the new infrastructure.

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