Bishnupur is 27 Kms away from Imphal City on Tiddim Road. Here stands the conical temple of Lord Vishnu built in 1467 during the reign of King Kyamba. It is interesting because of its antiquity and artchitectural design which was influenced by Chinese style. Bishnupur is also known for its stoneware production. The district head quarter is popular for hill-grown oranges, yongchak (tree-bean) and vegetables. In ancient times, Tongjei Maril through Bishnupur was the sole road linking Manipur with the rest of India. Bishnupur was one of the sites of the World War II where fierce fightings between the Allied Forces and the Japanese Forces took place.

The original name of Bishnupur was Lumlangdong (now Lamangdong). History recorded the facts of its origin. As soon as King Kyamba ascended throne of Manipur in 1467 A.D he conquered Kyang, which was a Shan kingdom in the Kabow Valley. During his reign, he attacked Kyang along with Chaopha Khe Khomba, the king of Pong. After the battle was won, the conquered areas were divided between the two kings. They also exchanged servants and scholars. It is said that an image of Vishnu was given by the Pong king along with the fruit pong “hei” ton (guava) and the ponghawai (a kind of dal), Kyamba kept the given “Vishnu” image at Lumlangdong which also came to be known as Bishnupur i.e. abode of Vishnu. He built Vishnu Temple at Bishnupur which has now become a protected historical monument under the Ministry of H.R.D (Archeology), Government of India. It is now standing as a symbol of the remains of ancient times. And the statue got by Kyamba from the Pong king is very important since it gives us the idea of the religious beliefs of those days and the very name that it had given.

As of the 2011 Census of India, Bishnupur has a population of about 16,264. Males (5,324) constitute 52% of the population and females (4,940) 48%. Bishnupur has an average literacy rate of 82%; with male literacy of 82% and female literacy of 72%. 12% of the population is under 6 years of age. This town is home to Meiteis, Pangals (Manipuri Muslims) and Scheduled Tribes. Bishnupur is a municipal council. There are 12 wards in Bishunpur Municipal Council. Bishnupur Pincode is 795126.

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